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Customized Garage Storage In Andover

If you are looking for an all around, powerful and cost effective garage storage solution, look no further. Monkey Bar Storage is the solution for you! Our system allows you to customize what you need to the garage you have. Monkey Bars has adjustable shelves, hooks, cabinets, flooring, and overhead storage along with multiple accessories to go along with each. Don’t waste another minute with your unorganized garage, instead give us a call and get the best garage storage Andover has to offer!

Durable Storage Solutions

Unlike other garage storage in Andover, we have products that are customized to fit your specific needs. We use unique products that are tailored to each different household, lifestyle or family.

Custom Made: Monkey Bars also offers custom garage solutions and construct each of our systems on site to fit your specific needs.

The Monkey Bar: Each bar can be easily moved to different slots on the rack. The bars also comes out from the wall allowing you to hang over sized items such as bikes. We offer 11 different styles of hooks that can hang forward, backward and move side to side.

Durable: Our products are made of steel and are powder coated to ensure durability. We also offer a lifetime warranty to ensure the quality of our products.

Choose The Product For You

  • Garage Shelving: Shelving that can move and continue to move as your needs and lifestyle change.
  • Garage Cabinets: An affordable and attractive alternative to shelves or overhead storage.
  • Overhead Garage Storage: Quick, easy and safe way to store long-term items that rarely get used
  • Garage Flooring: Gets rid of cracks, creating a smooth, seamless and waterproof surface

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Garage Storage AndoverWe Are Here For You

Create It Yourself: We build your system on site, allowing you to tailor it to your needs.

Quick Installation: Fast and efficient installs of products so that you can get back to your busy life.

Adjustable: Don’t like the set-up 2 years later? Re-adjust it to fit your new needs with our easy adjustable shelves and hooks.

Monkey Bar Storage is painless, affordable and unique. We pride ourselves on our products that can be used in multiple ways. Give us a call today for organized garage storage in Andover.

by on May 29, 2012